The Refuge OKC is a place where about 45 of us call home.  It is a place where we are living life together on mission in pursuit of a discipleship culture. Here on this site, we hope it begins to communicate who we are and what we are going after as a community to help communicate to you how you might engage either downtown Oklahoma City or right where you yourself are living around tons of neighbors who are dying for love.

The Dream

Simply stated, our dream is to be The Church. Wait, wait, wait…we’re not talking about a place you go or a group to join or even a new way to do the same thing. We want the stuff you see in the book of Acts—a group of people united at the heart by Jesus and His love. To be around them is to see Jesus—love, peace, joy, freedom, and miracles. They are constantly dependent on God for everything and constantly amazed at what He is doing through them. AND stuff chang­es. Neighborhoods and cities and whole nations change. We’re not okay with just going to meetings, hanging out, and hoping that one day God might do something with us. We’re not okay with overrun jails, broken neighborhoods, wrecked schools and the loneliness and fear that plagues our streets. We are not okay with broken cultures and fatherless generations nor ignoring widows and orphans.  We are not okay with oppression and famines (spiritually, relationally, or physically).  We know things HAVE to change. We’re not sure how to do it, but we know it starts and ends with Jesus—He’s the one who changes stuff. But because this is our dream we are rest­lessly, mindfully, pitifully willing to risk and learn and grow and pursue a different way of living.   The dream is the Kingdom and believing it is truly at hand.

There’s a cool picture of what this looks like in the Bible’s book of Joel. It’s a prophecy that was fulfilled when Jesus rose from the dead and sent His Spirit to fill His people. It says that He will raise up an army of men, women, young and old. This army will hear from God and obey Him. They will live in the natural but have His supernatural power to change things. They will listen to Him. They will believe each one is equally valuable and they will honor each other. They will bring His presence to all peoples and HE will get the credit! The Church IS that army, and the time is now—so let’s go change the world one neighbor and one neighborhood at a time!

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