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July 11, 2007 The Book of Acts opened again

For some time, may be these last 2 weeks of being here, I have been wondering what in the world am I doing here. I guess you could say that I was beginning to feel the size of this undertaking.

Today, it was just me. And I was driving down from Guthrie and began to just talk with the LORD. We had a great conversation and I shared my heart with much vulnerability. Told Him how week of a man I am, why in the world did He bring me out here, and those questions that come to you mind/heart when you are doing but don’t see God in it.

Well, today, on my way down after a 40 minute drive into the city, I just began to pray that God would open doors, that He would bring His Holy Spirit into the inner city and that He would be glorified in my actions today.

All by myself, I felt like what can one guy do do down here. Slowly, He would start to bring people around me and I would begin talking to them about the LORD. It was by noon that I had three guys, Will, John, and Turtle,who were in the warehouse part having what you might call a spontaneous Bible study. We were sitting together in a make shift circle and I asked them if they desired to change their life around and no longer be living on the streets. They, being in the 20’s and gnarly passes, each quickly responded yes. So after praying for John and Will, it was just neat to see the relationships begin to grow. They each were desiring to work on the building and join the cause to change the inner city around for Jesus.

Leanne had packed me 3 PB & J sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly for those who don’t know) and I shared them with these guys. It was so sweet to break bread with complete strangers but also guys who were desiring to turn their lives back to Christ. That is what makes this place so unbelievable…is that they all know of Jesus and so you aren’t really explaining who He is. They all know of Him and when you share with them of His wondrous grace, they are very open to it.

During our spontaneous study, we were visited by Judy who was a representative of Life Church. It is a larger church (ok the largest church in all of Oklahoma) and they were researching all of the buildings in the area. I am not sure what this will mean or add up to, but I will keep you posted as the LORD shows us.

I met a guy name Kenny McGee. Pray for him. He is drunk, but for some reason, he keeps coming into my life. It was great talking with him though because He was saying how he hates at AA meetings how they are always talking about the higher power. He said that it frustrates him because he believes they are leaving God out. I would love to see this guy get set free from the desire of drunkeness.

Back to these 3 guys. I ended up letting them stay in the place tonight. They want to work on the place of lodging and so I thought I would help them out. They said that it was better than sleeping on the streets, even though many of us wouldn’t even want to touch the ground, but that they are willing to sleep on. Most of us would be terrified all night, but this place is better than under the freeway. Also, I took Will with me to Home Depot to go by nails. While in Home Depot we ended up meeting Simon who needed help putting in a tub. We went over to Simon’s house and quoted him for a job. What is special about this job is that Will has been homeless for 4 days and was asking God why did he wake up today. And today, the LORD gave him meals, shelter, and job that is going to pay him $350 for one days worth of work. Pretty awesome. I am excited to see what God is going to do through Will’s and I relationship. Background on Will is that he is a full on redneck/cowboy. He was wearing tight cowboy jeans, boots, and a wife beater shirt. From time he lights up a cigarette that he rolls himself and rests it to the side of his lip while he is talking. Just like a real cowboy. Pretty cool stuff. So tomorrow, I am going to get him to this job and help him there.

Also, I have been talking with Turtle. This is a good guy but has little if any direction for his life. I told him that I am going to help tomorrow set up a budget and on Monday get him applying for college. This guy has his AA, but you wouldn’t know it the way he handles himself. The streets have been rough on him.

Pray for the people under the freeway because I want to go minister to them.

Got a text from a great brother, Aaron Kunzler. Great guy…man full of the Holy Spirit in whom God has put into my life for some reason…It feels like we have been friends for some time. He is just a great encouragement today.

Praise Report but also a needing the LORD to discern moment. I have been for approximately 5 weeks been unsuccessful of getting in contact with the OKC Rescue Mission. For some time, I had been meeting with them and discussing partnership and working together in using the transition home. I was getting discouraged by their lack of response, but today got a call from Steve. We have a meeting on Friday. So please be in prayer for that meeting. I will keep you posted on that.

I am looking forward to tomorrow to see how these 3 guys make it through the night.




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