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A gathering at the City Rescue Mission

Last night we had a little gathering of believers at the Rescue Mission. With permission from the Mission staff we made use of the Chapel there.

We had a few songs of worship unto the LORD. Then we studied the book of Acts, chapter 1. After that we had a time of praying with one another, and for one another. Many great conversations were made while we were there.

We realized that this will be a very interesting ministry because we may see some people only once. Many people are in the Mission temporarily as they get back up on their feet again. And some people are just passing through town. At the same time, there will be some people who might be at the mission for six months going through the life skills program. So, quite a mix of people.

We also realized the need for a children’s ministry of some type during this “study” time. Last night was funny because there were kids running around all over (literally) during worship, study and prayer.

The mission is a crazy place. Most of the staff goes home around 5 pm and then the rest (except a security guard or two) leave at 7 pm, which is “lock down” (no one else can come in). So pretty much after 5 pm there are no activities for kids, teens, adults, anyone. Just chaos, free for all, survival. It is crazy.

But just think of all that can be done there…SO much. Pray that people will want to join us in ministering to the people here.




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