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The LORD is Providing

With a building the size of the one that God has blessed us with, comes many “needs”. We have been doing our best to make wise purcheses, trying to be good stewards of the money that God has given us. But even so, there is just not enough money in our bank account to get this building up and running.

Frustrated (once again) and not knowing what to do, we seek the LORD.

Then we just go about our normal lives, meeting people, talking with people, going to the grocery store, going to church, hanging with friends, and God begins to provide.

We met a guy who knows lots of other guys…people who have access to doors, paint, and possibly windows.

We have some friends who love Jesus a lot, and decided to put together a benefit dinner on behalf of the Refuge ministry.

We met another guy who heard about the work that God is doing down on California Street, OKC and he is going to see if his company can donate some money to the cause.


Now, we just need some direction! We have so many ideas on what can be done in that building, that we are sort of going in circles thinking about all of it.

Really, we may need just a general contractor who can point us in the right direction as far as getting the apartments up and running. Then we can start something in the building…




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