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Bible Study Continuing at the Rescue Mission

Tonight we went again to the Rescue Mission to continue in the studying of the Word, worshiping of the Lord, and coming together to pray over the people. We are blessed, in one sense, but not in another, to see some familiar faces. Let me explain. Our hearts desire is first and foremost to see people set free and find themselves immersed in a beautiful relationship with Jesus. Second, we hope to see people on the streets make changes in their lifestyle, their mindset, their world view, in order that they may become functioning, successful, helpful citizens in society. So, when we see familiar faces, we are excited to talk with them, see how things are going, and minister to them, but we also would like to hear that they have made it out of the mission and back into society.

All this said, we are still learning how this time each Monday evening will look like. If you think about it, we would love prayer for wisdom in this. (Thanks). We have fully enjoyed going each week because it has been different every time. We go in with no expectation, just wanting to impart the things of the Lord to who ever God leads us to. Maybe this is how it will continue to be…

You can also be praying for some of the people whom we have met in the Mission…

Sheri-single mother of three girls, knows Jesus, is walking with the Lord, needs a job and housing
Melissa-fifth grader, daughter of Sheri, very intelligent, very well behaved, loves to write songs, knows much about the Bible and spiritual things
Debrah-first grader, daughter of Sheri, intelligent, well behaved, also knows much about the Bible.
Hannah-Kindergardner, daugher of Sheri, well behaved, very sweet, knows who she is named after (mother of Samuel)
Bill-single man, knows the Lord and the Word very well, terminally ill (something with his liver), his medication (pain killer) keeps getting stolen, needs a place to stay that is safe and nurturing
Jamie-single female, just got out of jail, boyfriend is still in jail, not sure if she knows Jesus as her Lord and Savior, but knows who he is.
Jeffery-single man, needs to commit his life to the Lord, needs direction, motivation, purpose in life

These are to name a few of the scores of people we have encountered over the last several weeks of being down on California Ave. It is sad to see so much termoil, chaos, bad decision making, lack of motivation, poor life skills, etc. in one place.  But we know that Jesus can restore all things.  It is in this knowledge that we find hope for a better future in the lives of these individuals.

Excited to be used,




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