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Meeting many (more) people

We have realized that the LORD wants many people involved in this ministry, which is so awesome! We want to start blogging when we meet someone and what their heart is for. Then we will be able to look back in awe of what the LORD has assembled together.

Thursday, August 30, 2007:

Brad-From OKC, Owns a nail gun shop, excited about what the LORD is doing, goes to Life Church and looking see if they can donate some items for the rooms.
Quinton-From OKC streets, construction guy, wants to see change on the streets, wants to help fix up the building
Alex-From England…just moved to OKC, married, 3 boys, came to walk the building and hear about the vision that the LORD has given us thus far for this area.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007:

Joey-from OKC, married, 3 kids, interested in whatever the LORD is doing in The City. (He is mentioned later/earlier from when we first met him…)
Darren-from OKC, single, interested in helping organize, administrate, spread the word about all that God is doing.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007:

Jennifer-from OKC streets, single, mom of 3 kids, worked for us cleaning the building

Monday, August 27, 2007:

Gerald-from OKC, interested in homeless outreach and transitional housing
Miranda-from California, single, interested in starting or being involved with a Women’s & Children’s shelter/Girl’s home/Elderly Care home. She is seeking the Lord’s will.

Sunday, August 26, 2007:

Amy-From OKC, single, works with an organization that might be able to hire some refugees.

Saturday, August 25, 2007:

Coby-From OKC, single, feels God prompting him to be involved with something on California Ave. (He actually helped us move in back in June…but I just met him!).

I can’t remember specific dates beyond this so I will do my best…

August 2007:

Jimmy-From OKC, baby on the way, plumber working at the building to help fix it up.
Mike-From OKC, drywall guy, may work at the building.
Bill-From OKC, in the rescue mission due to illness, near death, loves the LORD, excited about the stirring up of the Spirit to take back these streets.
Sheri-From OKC, in the rescue mission, single mother of 3 girls, Loves Jesus.
Ando(?)-From OKC, in the rescue mission because he feels that God told him to stay there and minister to the people.
Ken-From OKC, sound guy at Bridgeway, has a great network of people, gave some more names and numbers of people to contact.
Joe-From OKC, in the rescue mission, excited to see California Ave. change.
Polo & his friends-From Eritrea, some single, some married, a few children, some are Christians, some are Muslim, they are wanting to learn English and get jobs.

Joey & Stephanie-

Barrett & Sara-


July 2007:

Chris & Emery-From OKC, married, 1 son, excited about what God is stirring, made their house available to us at any time…wonderful blessing. (We met them several months ago, but now we have been hanging out more).
Ryan & Kristin-From OKC, married, 3 children, want to get invloved with different aspects of this ministry…help fix up the building, hang out with the refugees, whatever is needed.
Paul & Joy-From OKC, married, 2 children, excited to see the LORD stirring up his people to action, want to help out.
Rebekah-From OKC, married, 2 daughters, wants to help raise support and awareness.

Pete & Crystal-






Eddy & Caroline-


Phil & Nikki-

Aaron & Aimee-

My brain has stopped working for the evening so I will update this one with the other people that we have met this year…or possibly going back even farther…we shall see.

Leanne (with some input from Tim 🙂



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