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Another breakthrough with Roland

About a week and half ago, I met a guy name Roland who had come up to me while I was talking with a gang banger name Demarcus (which i will tell you about in a few minutes).  Anyway, Roland comes up to me and says that since we had prayed last week in the streets that his life has really changed.  All of the things that he had previously done were no longer feeling right.  I was totally blown away.  You see, it was about a week and half ago, I felt the LORD had told me to get down on my knees with him on the street and pray right there on the spot.  It was a sweet but bizarre moment as two dudes were praying, kneeling, on the sidewalk on this street filled with crack.  It was so powerful.  For you see, even following that prayer, another homeless guy comes over with a bucket of Bibles and they had about a 2 hour Bible study on the sidewalk.  It was awesome.

Alright, back to Demarcus.   This guy is 23 years old and before I had met Roland, he comes up me and Ryan and says that he needs help.  You see, this guy was in the crack house when the police had raided the building.  He and I walked through the building together and he showed me all sorts of stuff.  Well, it was awesome to see how God was breaking him even there in the building.  I invited him to go through the building and pray and repent of anything that he needed to get right.  So he went through many of the rooms.  It was great.  I am still waiting to see what God does with him.



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