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Construction Mission team from California came out

This weekend was wonderful. A work team from California came out to help with some construction on the building. We had a great time hanging out, working, and praying together. The time together was much too short though! We wish that we could have spent weeks with the team. Despite only being able to hang out for a short time we were still deeply refreshed.

The team of six (Jeremy, Chris, Tom, Glen, Jason, Jeremiah) accomplished SO much! We really can’t believe how many projects they completed. They…

  • put trim up on all the doors in the first half of the livable space…inside and out.
  • patched many holes in the hallway and rooms.
  • completely gutted and reconstructed the downstairs bathroom…a HUGE project.
  • Attempted power-washing the downstairs floor…but there are some plumbing problems so there was not enough water pressure!
  • replaced a bunch of “things” on the donated work-truck.
  • fixed a ton of leaks and plumbing problems.
  • fixed and put together the rest of the donated pews.

They probably did more than all this, but I wasn’t around for everything. Can you believe that they did all these things in two days? TWO DAYS! It was amazing!

Thank you again for everything, guys. What a blessing.




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