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News Interview with Channel 9

If you have been following this story that the LORD is unfolding right before our eyes, the news has been spreading about this stuff going on in the inner city. I am telling you, God is stirring up the waters here and it is getting big.

On Thursday, I got a call from Channel 9 news here in Oklahoma City. It was a reporter who wanted to see if she could do a story of what we are doing in the inner city. It was so cool because I knew that this was God just showing up in a big way sharing with the city what He is doing.

The reporter told me that she would want to spend about 30 minutes to do the story. After being their about 2 hours, she was just totally blown away. It was so fun just meeting her and the camera man.

It was so funny to see it aired that night. I guess it runs on another channel throughout the night till 6am the next morning. With that said, there were so many people who have been saying, “there is that guy that was on the news.” What was crazy was that they said the name of the ministry and put my phone number on the TV. My phone rang all day starting at 8am. It was so neat because several people who called just felt that the LORD put it on their heart to call. It was so neat to hear why they had called.

One guy named Frank had been reading Haggai about 2 months ago…and he said since over the last few months he has really been getting stirred to live out Christ. I am going to be meeting him this week and can’t wait to see what God does with this relationship.

It was additionally awesome to hear numerous churches who have been calling, or I had met Saturday morning, who also had been down there feeding the homeless and also saw the news that morning. The part of hearing the hearts of the churches is cool because I am seeing exactly my role here. To unite churches/believers from the north, south, east, and west to fulfill the great commission without the boarders of church walls. Getting the body to this common unity in Christ Jesus. Bringing everyone back to their first love…Jesus.

I will try to to attatch a link of the channel 9 news interview soon.



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