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Wow…2 days ago was absolutely fun. Sorry i wasn’t quick enough to blog about it but i have a few minutes right now so here you go in a nutshell…

  1. block party getting set. i met with a guy name chip fudge (owner of the land next door to the refuge), tom jones (okc rescue mission president), trevor and clint (of Life Church), craig parsley (my buddy hanging out with me) and grant humphries, inside the refuge. this meeting was ginormous because it was a bunch of people who have a high interest in seeing the homeless reached in OKC. Not only that, but we were all able to work together in putting together this block party that Life Church is putting on in conjunction with The Refuge.
  2. prayed with this guy name Mark today…why this was huge was because his name wasn’t Mark and i didn’t know this until later that day. Craig told me that was Tango…Tango was one of the generals of the gangs who hunkered down in the crackhouse. What was significant about this was that i didn’t know who he was, but the LORD did. It was so fun being able to pray with him with no regards to who he was…just another guy that the LORD is chasing after as we see Him bring deliverance to an area of Oklahoma City that God wants to restore. What was so significant about Tango going through the building is that all the other crack dealers and gang bangers saw him enter the Refuge…
  3. Prayer night moving forward. There is no greater time to look forward on my calendar than November 9th at 7pm. It is the night that a good group of us will gather together for prayer. We are going to walk the streets and bring the light down in the inner city in ways this city may have never seen. We are calling on any and all who would like to participate in this. We are all meeting in the Refuge and it is going to be a blast.

What was so cool about this day was that for the most part i thought that is was just your standard day. you show up to the building. certain people (often new faces) show up and we meet and they see what God is doing. and of course, the guy of the day was Mark…so i pray with him as usual (not that i am taking these moments for granted, but this meeting seemed ordinary), met with these pretty important dudes in the city, and God’s favor was poured out. But when Craig and I got in the car all pumped up from what seemed to be one of the biggest meetings of my life, Craig says, that wasn’t the half of it bro. I said “what do you mean”. He said, “well, the meetings were big, but that guy you prayed for…” and i said, “you mean mark”…and he said, “yes, but that wasn’t mark who you prayed for.” and i said, “who was it than”….he said “that was tango one of the main generals who ran the crack house that you shut down…He runs these streets.” He was right, the meetings were fun, but in the kingdom, it appeared the end of an army of darkness is being broken. I can’t wait to see who this impacted the city life on that street. My thoughts are if we win Tango, we will win over an entire gang. What would happen if that happened in this city. From what i am aware of, it appears that the gang life is tiring. They are constantly scared and the enemy has them right where he wants them. What i am seeing is that God is really after them and has given us crazy authority to just offer peace to them. And they are soooo hungry for it.

I don’t know how this impacted things, but this guy Homicide who i have been praying for for month and getting short opportunities to talk with him was beaming with smiles after he saw us pray for Tango.

For all of you out there who are praying: here are some prayer requests:

  1. Tango
  2. Homicide
  3. New Windows for the building
  4. New Heat and air for the building
  5. Wisdom in working with the churches who want to sponsor a widow/fatherless
  6. Wisdom on what God wants us to do with this ministry
  7. What my role is in teaching the Word of God
  8. Craig to get the right job
  9. For the Work day tomorrow


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