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once again, life church came down with a small army of about 80 people. in about 3 hours they conquerored more than i had in the last 3 months during the summer. they filled 2 huge dumpster full of trash. it was overwhelming and probably one of the most fun days in a long time. i wanted to share with you some of the feed back that i got in an email. it was awesome to hear what others are saying about the Refuge…

This came from one of the administration assistants who has been highly impacted by the Refuge. I put the email in bold so you can tell what the email was that i received.

I had about 15 volunteers approach me today and describe what is happening in their lives because of these missions. They truly get it. Their hearts are broken with a burden that God is generously spreading around.

I heard things like:

* “I’ve been a work-oholic all my life and suddenly work doesn’t
matter anymore. I want to be here, I want to serve, I want to love and be loved by these people. God is Good”

* “I would love to just give up everything and do this full time.
The feeling here is unbelievable!”

* “I spent my entire life trying to get money to buy more stuff,
this is the first time I can remember that I’ve actually felt full.”

I heard these same stories over and over again, and I fell in love with the body of Christ. These people are giving beyond belief…



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