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block party a huge success

block party: today was the day that was mounting. after last nights prayer walk and the hundred or so who participated in praying for the inner city, we saw an amazing out pouring today. I arrived around 9:30am and there were already 400 people in blue getting ready to make the walk down the street toward the building/land. it was awesome. there were other people unloading breakfast and pumping up a pool for the baptism. it was so cool.

baptism: i think that highlight was the baptism because as many of you may know, i knew that we were called to fulfill the great commission but didn’t know how the whole baptism would work with inner city style ministry. so we blew up a large inflatable pool and drained out hot water out of the hot water tank. so we got to see an element of the great commission filled today. i heard there were about 15 homeless people baptized today.

support: we were overwhelmed by the amount of support today. there were so many who were stirred up by this whole movement that has begun in the inner city. i believe we are in the midst of the church/believers who are mounting up to take back the streets of oklahoma city. i can’t wait to see what next week is going to look like. for those of you who were there and we got a chance to meet, i want to thank you for everything. it was so fun to be doing kingdom stuff with you guys and i look forward to the days ahead as the body continues to unite.

haircuts: well, this may sound weird, but we when i saw the people cutting the homeless’ hair today, i saw people/hairstylists cutting hair…but i also saw them laying their hands on them. i know that this is a stretch of scripture, but if you really knew the importance of putting your hands on people, there is something i have learned by being down there that that is a huge moment. many times homeless people are extraordinarily nervous about being touched or having your hands put on them. but when i saw them putting their hands on them it was just neat to see that take place. bless you all who cut hair today…it too was awesome.

click here for first round of images of today of the block party. look for the photos that start with the blue shirts. some of the photos are construction and are not related to the block party. thanks nessa hornbeck for sending me this link to your web photos



4 thoughts on “block party a huge success

  1. I do not even have words to express how awesome Saturday’s Block Party was. I so enjoyed getting to know the people down there. I loved taking their pictures and seeing them light up when they asked me to take them. Seeing God transforming people right in front of you is so overwhelming. I am not just talking about the people we served but also the one’s that were serving.
    I am in awe of the work God is doing there and will continue to do there. I so want to be a part of it and watch it happen. God bless all who served there and all who are in that situation. May we all continue to be His hands and feet and show His heart to others
    God keep you,
    PS I enjoyed taking the pictures and glad you enjoyed them as well.

    Posted by Nessa Hornbeck | November 12, 2007, 5:54 am
  2. I just found your new site. Praise God! I loved reading what the Lord did during the block Praty! Tim & Leanne, we are praying for you guys and are so blessed to hear all that the Lord is doing in that place! Much love, Conor & Koren McNamee

    Posted by Conor McNamee | November 12, 2007, 6:13 pm
  3. Tim and Leanne,

    I was checking your website to get an update while at work. I clicked on the link for the photo’s and spent the next 30 minutes in tears at my desk.

    I am so blessed to see you two listening to the still small voice of the Lord, even when the task in front of you seemed so big. It took you two listening to the Lord to spark an entire community. I pray that the community of believers rallies around you steadfastly in the work He is doing in the inner city.

    I miss you guys but God had more important things for you than chillin in California where its all to “comfortable”. God Bless you guys!

    Posted by Bryon Shackleford | November 15, 2007, 10:31 pm


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