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the church has left the building

this morning i was reading a story of a church in atlanta who went around wearing t-shirts that said “the church has left the building.” i see stuff like this and it jumps out at me because it is seeming to be the case here in okc too. what i believe is going with all of this movement, is that the holy spirit is stirring in so many hearts around this land as he is getting prepared to reveal some cool stuf including what He meant originally for the church. for some reason, the role of the church, i am not sure was to offer many programs, but it was well-oiled machine of people loving God with an unwavering heart, mind, soul, and a love for others that couldn’t be explained in words. a love that continued to be poured out.

i was at a meeting where a guy shared about the good samaritan and he assimilated the good samaritans with radical islamists. you see, when Jesus compared the the priest and levite to the samaritan, it was to strike offense. you see, the jews hated the samaritans. they were like dogs. but, this is the kind of love he was wanting the believers to reach for. a love that seemed not concerned of self. a love that started to look at the person right in their path. as our culture becomes more self-centered, i believe you are going to see people in churches who have been tired with gym memberships for their church and look at another way of exercising their faith. a faith that will see the lame walk, the blind see, the death come to life. right now, this seems so difficult, but for those who have a faith that is unwavering, this will become a common practice. and i can’t wait to see this happen. i can’t wait to see what God can do with a culture that swings from self-centeredness to a self-denial…and they leave the church building, and become the church on the corner of their block, their neighborhood, their ghetto. ask yourself, what is this life worth living for? which kingdom are you sowing into? i assure you this, if you sow into the kingdom of God (which according to Jesus) is at hand, let us move into sowing into that kingdom verses the kingdom of this age…



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