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How did we get to Oklahoma City

I was asked a series of questions that appeared to be on many people’s mind, especially for those who don’t really know the whole story of the Refuge. So here are some questions and my best effort to respond. I have included the blogged questions so you can get a sense of why I am answering them this way.

Hey there. Love all the info you give, but seems all the stories I’ve been hearing are not even mentioned on here! Like, is it true you are married and have a child? And if so, would love to hear about them!

Yes, my wife’s name is Leanne and my daughter who is 1 year old is named Keira. If you want to know more about our family, please visit our blog that my wife has put together. You can find the blog at http://thechroniclesoftheulrichs.wordpress.com/

And, did you pastor a church in Cali that you gave up when coming here?
Yes, i was a pastor at a church called Wildwood Calvary Chapel. It was there that I served as an assisting pastor. My main area of service was in the children’s and youth ministry. I also contributed in areas such as finances, administrator, and property development. I guess you could say that i wore different hats, and had fun doing all that i was asked to do. I guess you could say that i gave it up, but it was more like lead out. My pastor that i served under for 8 or so years, was truly a blessing to serve with and he blessed us out. In fact, the church is still contributing financially to this ministry and is playing a role in this ministry still (ie: they sent out their first team from california to work on the building). So i guess you could say that i gave up a position, but only to bring out everything that i learned there into this area of ministry (inner city stuff).

Also; heard you owned the property quite a long time while in California, having no idea it was turning to a crack house. If so, what was it that lured you to buy property here in the first place? Or, did you actually only buy the property after you saw its destitute and obvious potential?

I bought it for an investment which quickly became a huge liability. A building that would cause my prayer life to shift drastically. I had no idea that it had become a crack house and was totally unaware of the culture in Oklahoma. But now looking back, I can see that He had a plan along to use this building to expand the kingdom in Oklahoma City and to turn a crack house into a lighthouse…a Refuge for the broken.

…(could not really pinpoint this detail in the blog about when you and Brian came here)

Brian Fahey is a friend of mine who came out with me in the initial stages. He had prayed about moving out here with his wife and 4 kids, but felt the LORD pull back on that. I really miss him a ton, but know that the LORD used us two for a bit and now has taken us into different directions. But i wanted to mention Brian because he was a warrior who played a huge role in this journey that we are on.

Well, we’ve been spreadin the word (my hubby and I are from LifeChurch), but everyone always wants to know the details of this “Tim” guy stirrin up such impact!! Thanks so much for persevering! It’s got to seem overwhelming at times, but I’m betting you’re getting really good at letting go and letting God! And isn’t it great!? Woohoo!

Thank you for these kind words and i really look forward into serving together in this city and in cities in which you are reading this in. if you are not engaging in the battle right now in your city, may i encourage you to do so. right now is the time. it seems like the LORD is extending His favor upon all of those who are willing to be bold and say, “Here I am LORD, send me”. There is not a more awesome time in history than to lay down this life and live for Him, which is our reasonable service.



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