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we have access to the land next door to the refuge

ok…here is the deal…before i even got out here, i had desired to get the land next to us. knowing i didn’t have the money to purchase it, i thought that i would just begin to pray for it. so for the last couple of months every chance i could get, without the owner knowing about anything, i would go around the area and i would pick up trash, clean the area up, mow the 2 acres down, try to maintain it, and pray over it every chance i could get. and what i would ask is that “LORD, if you want us to have this land to use, than you can just give it to us.” well, the owner, chip, calls me and says that he has seen a real difference in the area and wanted to see what we had going on. well, not too long after that, he tells me that he would like to lease the land out to us for $50 per year. i was just so overwhelmed with excitement, but wasn’t super shocked either. i think that things have gotten so overwhelming in the category of ultra favor, nothing is really that surprising any more. i just contribute the whole thing to Jesus. for you see, he is up to something, and is planning something big over our city.

but i want you to know all who are keeping up with this blog regularly…many of you are praying for this battle…and i want to thank you. it is because of those prayers that we are seeing movements of mountains. thank you again.



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