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Intimacy Retreat

I was asked to speak at a retreat this last weekend. it was so awesome to be considered. the best part for me was the time spent digging into the Word studying on the topic, “Intimacy”. So, i thought i would just pass on a few things that i discovered in the Word.

We studyed in Exodus 33 and looked at Moses who spoke with God face to face (wow, what an intimate time that must have been…ref Numbers 12). Without too much of the details, here are 6 things that may help you being more intimate with the Father:

  1. Scale the mountain: Become a mountain man/woman. Moses seemed to find the Father there in the mountains. Now I am not suggesting that you find God in your local mountain range. I am suggesting that you will find an intimate Father awaiting you when you go to meet him alone. And it will be there from His vantage point that you will get a more eternal perspective. It was there in those intimate moments on the mount that Moses would get things like a word from God, the Law, discernment, direction, strength, victory just to mention a few. If you are like me, sometimes it seems like a lot of work to climb or just do a quick walk out the door and hope it is all good. Moses on the other hand, loved the presence of the LORD, and found it often at the top of the mount.
  2. Stray from evil. He didn’t hang with the crowd where the LORD wasn’t. That is simple. He wanted to be found in areas where God was in the center. If you are having a hard time of intimacy with the LORD, stray from evil things where God isn’t in them. Even as I blog about this, i think of how much TV enters this tent of mine, and Moses, on the other hand, packed up his tent and moved out, because he didn’t want to settle in his life.
  3. Set yourself outside the camp. Yes, it was probably inconvenient, and he may have been talked about by his neighbors, but Moses moved as far away as possible. He said, if God isn’t here in the midst I don’t want to be there either. He was willing to be forsaken by others than to forsake God.
  4. Serve along others. We see Joshua, the son of Nun, serving in the tent of meeting. Moses and Joshua (Joshua being young at this time) serving in this tent. You want intimacy with God? Serve him. Let your tent (your being) be a place of worship and service. It will be amazing how great your relationship will be with the Father when you begin to serve him. I like Joshua’s style of serving, it was constant. It wasn’t on Sunday morning at 10:30am. It was his lifestyle. Man,we need more Joshua’s.
  5. Seek His face. Moses was a man who asked to see the face of God. He was asking for something that would kill him if he actually got his request. God, in His grace, showed Moses His glory, but not His face. But I love Moses’ heart. He asked for something that would have taken his life. I think a man/woman who is intimate with the LORD isn’t afraid of loosing their life to see the glory of God in a real way. The people who are willing to die of themselves are going to see God in a new and amazing way and will shine of His glory. Moses comes off that mountain shining.
  6. Stand on the rock. The moment Moses sees the glory of the LORD, it was there in the cleft of this rock, that the Father positioned him in. I love this because you see, this rock acted as a shield or buffer for Moses. So at the right moment, Moses would only be able to see the back of the Father. Like Moses, seeing the Father is only able when we immerse ourselves in our Rock (Jesus Christ), who is our buffer, the one who stands there at the right hand of the Father. I love the fact that Moses was as close as a human could come to seeing the Father and where do we see Moses positioned? In the midst of a rock. You want to know the Father? know Jesus. John 12:44-45 says, “Then Jesus cried out and said, ‘He who believes in Me, believes not in Me, but in Him who sent Me. And he who sees Me sees Him who sent Me.

May we be an intimate people of God, may we be a people who scale for those high places, may we be a people who stray from evil, who settle our tents as a tent of meeting, serve along others, seek His face, stand on the rock. Bless you guys.




One thought on “Intimacy Retreat

  1. Great stuff bro . I was blessed to read it . I’ll chat with you soon bro , God bless !!

    Posted by Talley | November 20, 2007, 1:20 am

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