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No Great Thing…..just small things with Great Love!

Hello All,

My name is Amy Newberry and my husband and I are so blessed to be partnering with Tim and Leanne in the effort to reconstruct the interior layout of the refuge. I can tell you personally this place is such a ray of hope on a block where hopelessness and despair continue to devour its people. I have been serving the homeless for sometime now and week in and week out I have seen God begin a movement among His believers. I know that those of you who are reading this have been or are interested in coming down and working so here is an update:

Yesterday was one of the largest workdays we have had in a long time. Many of us who are directly involved with the refuge spent the week under a grueling attack. As circumstances began to stack big time against us we saw God moving in our behalf. It was truly incredible to be in the midst of it yet plainly trust that God is the author and perfector of all things. Our preparation was so timely as Saturday morning arrived and 130+ volunteers show up at the refuge. Men, women and youth began to work and as the morning took way we stood astonished at how quickly things were getting done. Flooring was being laid, walls were painted, and heaters were hung in almost every unit. Women sat up tables downstairs and sorted through toothbrushes, combs, and blankets as we prepared to open the doors to feed and blanket the needy. Unity and Love filled the air. We closed the day with a church service and Joshua and I along with our family had the privilege to take several of our homeless friends to Irma’s diner for some burgers. We celebrated all that God was doing at the refuge.

We are so grateful to be doing our part. Mother Theresa spoke these words “We attempt to do no great thing…….but SMALL things with GREAT love.” I love this statement. It simplifies our hearts. We see God taking back the streets of Shartel and California. He is casting out the darkness with the light and love of His followers. We are getting more and more organized at the Refuge. My husband Joshua is the project manager and if you or your group are interested in our adopt –a- room program then please e-mail him personally at Joshua@nocsupply.com. We also are hosting another workday this weekend some come down and check it out. I would love to meet you. Thank you for your continued prayer and support. Stay tuned into the blog more updates and pics will be posted soon.

Until All Have Heard,

The Newberry’s



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