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E-churchThis morning I read this version of James 1:26 “Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world.”  I love the message. Week after week we have continued our efforts to guard our sweet homeless friends from the corruption of their godless world. This is our heart cry. To be a refuge an “oasis” in the midst of corruption.  We are not here to measure our success by the looks of a building or number of its residence but instead through the significance of changed lives. I wanted to start this blog by asking you to consider….consider playing your part in the epic story of God’s restoration to the streets of OKC. God is so at work and we are diligently seeking Him as He allows us to play our part in His story. I am here to tell you of the miracles of His ways…..


This weekend we had another phenomenal workday. We love gathering churches together. What a blessing it is to see people stepping out of church buildings to “Be” the church on the streets of OKC.  With the efforts of many local churches, home-groups, and college students we completed 5 rooms this past Saturday. A miracle indeed.  I was walking room to room watching youth…that’s right young people lay flooring like it was nobody business. It was a sight! We had another church who regularly visits the street corners of Shartel and California stop by to check out the work of the Refuge. They were eager to help in any way and we were excited to see their interests peak. We were also blessed by a donor this weekend who was working in one of the rooms and then went a step further and purchased cabinetry and fans for the refuge. What an amazing gift. We are so humbled as we continue see the provision of our Lord being poured out in this place. As you can see the renovation of the Refuge is taking shape. Each week we have been encouraged and strengthened through the unity of the body of Christ. As I close we are sending out some specific prayer needs. We are calling on prayer warriors to intercede on behalf of the refuge as we seek the Lord with the following:

*Pray for the disciplers that are committing to join the Refuge by leaving their homes and moving into full time street ministry.

*Pray that occupancy is restored to the refuge and that we receive the green light to move a family back in.

* Pray that God would continue to stir the hearts of His people and that others would come forth to help partner with us in furnishing the newly remodeled rooms.

*Continue to pray for Supplies.

* Most important lets lock arms in prayer for The Ulrichs. Pray for their time together to be multiplied and that God’s grace would continue to rest on their lives as they pour into the refuge daily.


Look for more prayer updates later this week. Thank you so much for your efforts in rebuilding this ancient ruin. We love you and appreciate your prayers more than you will ever know.

Amy Newberry



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