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spring in the air part 2

well, where did i leave off…somewhere probably with breakthroughs on the streets of oklahoma city and some of the homeless people that we are ministering to.  There are people like Pat, Angel, Arley, Daniel, Eric, Kevin, “Homicide”, Craig, and many others who it seems that God is really beginning a work in.

Pat:  Yesterday, we sat on the couch enjoying a delicious Popsicle.  This guy just begins to open up to us guys.  There on the couch was Joe, Greg, Jonathan, Jimmy, Glen, and this guy Pat, who is missing much of his teeth and the ones that he had were soon to be taken out.  I was impressed though because he used to to or three teeth left in the front part of his mouth to tear the plastic of the Popsicle.  Well, what he would begin to share with me just  really blessed me.  One of the reasons it was such a blessing was because he let us in side of his journey to homelessness.  He shared with me that it happened when he was 35 years old and doing well.  He shared how he was a licensed electrician living comfortably in a new house and driving $50k vehicles. (this is usually the tone/terms used on the streets of success).  He shared with me how he was married with kids.  And than he got stabbed couldn’t walk nor work…so his wife left him…well for another man.  So, Pat, freaks out and takes a company car and gets a hotel room and ends up staying there for a month.  As he was telling the story, it just seemed like i was in the room with him just feeling his emptiness and loneliness.  It was really there in the hotel room where he would find himself drunk regularly.  Apparently, he had a company car that the company called in stolen.  It was there that we was arrested and started his life downhill.  He said from that moment on that he had never been in trouble nor a drunkard.  As he was sharing things it seemed how valuable and necessary friends and a tight community around you are.  As he was sharing though he was wrestling with giving his life to Jesus.  Which was great because he took it there.  He brought up Jesus.  It was as if Pat knew he could bring it up there because he knew that we were all about just living out Christ and he could see that there.

My history with Pat goes back months.  One of the last times we had a run in was when he was in front of the Refuge waiting for a meal.  He ended up getting in a fight and someone rammed his head into the bay door pretty hard.  He was bleeding pretty bad…the fire department came and tried to stich him up.  There was blood everywhere.  He had just been in a fight previously with a guy name Max…Max is one of the those guys who will stab you at any moment.  Max is a scary guy…The last i heard about max was that he was in jail.

Well, back to Pat…he told me that he didn’t want to give his life to Jesus that day because he is drunk and used the drunkeness to sleep at night…He says if he drinks enough he can sleep through the cold.  i always wondered where the connection with alcohol and homelessness.  I guess you could call me naive, but it now dawns on me the endless cycle of how the enemy works.  He takes you down and keeps you there…and it seems to hard to get out.  Well, that is where we see our role…to give people Jesus and show them what He means by being the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Angel:  I saw this guy in church for the first time.  Which is huge becuase just 5 days ago this guy was passed out in front of the refuge.  i got to pray with him and i have seen him all week.  from what he shared with me is that he is 5 days sober.  Which is amazing…He shared with me today that some college students took him to get a new set of clothes, shoes, backback, and of course a new bible.  From what Glenn has told me, he hasn’t been able to put it down.  The thing about Angel is that he knows Greek.  Which is insane if you ask me.  It seems like he is going to be a weapon on the streets with us.  He knows the Word so well.

A quick story on Angel:  He was talking with me on Tuesday and after talking to him a little bit about the kingdom of heaven and what God was doing on that street…he asked me for a dollar or two.  I said no, i don’t do that right now (silver and gold i don’t have, but what i give is Jesus)…as he began walking away Angel came back and said to me…what you are doing here is worth more than billions and billions.  you are a bright light and salt and God is using you here on this street.  And he came down and kneels on the ground and began kissing my hand and was sort of began to weep.  Why i share this isn’t so much to say what i am doing is worth billions, but because for the first time in a while it felt like i was being able to be Jesus to him.  It was Jesus who he was kissing…i was just honored and blessed.  I will never forget about that moment because when you can just get an moment to represent Christ to someone who is at the end of their life, it is just so amazing.  I can see why Jesus hung out with such people because their love and appreciation and need were so great.

If i could just encourage any reader here, just share the love of Christ with anyone.  You will be amazed on what God will do through you if you just put yourself out there to use.



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