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spring is in the air

wow…there is so much going on at the refuge it is hard to keep up with the blog…i am going to try to commit to sharing more as things develop because right now there is a great deal of stuff happening.

the first thing that i will leave with you is break through is happening with the people on the streets.  we know many of them by name and they are wonderful and awesome people.  yesterday towards the end of the work day, there were about 7 of us guys just hanging out on the couches with the bay door open.  Sitting there just enjoying our day in the sun and eating some delicious popcicles that had been donated to the refuge.  and a guy who has been in multitudes of fights and hasn’t been the best citizen on the streets came in and just starting sharing with us his need to change and to come to Christ.  it was unbelievable.  I just loved how he share his story with us from the time it started for him on this downward slope.  it was amazing because it wasn’t at all what i expected and it was great for us to hear how it can just come to a scretching hault in our lives especically if we don’t have a tight community around us.

well, i am off to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, so i will share more when i get back.

ps.  this is what i mean by being busy…i am blogging right now while leanne is getting keira ready for church…you got to be kidding right?



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