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this coming summer

well, along with the weather beginning to warm up here in Oklahoma as we get closer to summer, it seems as if the summer is beginning to warm up for us at the refuge.  we are planning numerous things this summer which include several different groups that are coming out to serve in one way or the other.

one group is coming all the way from California for a week.  the thing that makes this group special to me is that they are like family to me as they are from our previous church.  they are coming out to spend a week on the refuge and do other sorts of ministry while here.  i am excited to show them the progress as well as where the LORD seems to be leading us in the near future.

another group is coming from about 2 hours away with 40 high schoolers.  we are going to be putting them up in the refuge to spend a week on the front lines.  they will be spending their days blessings other ministries in the area.

we also have a local youth group that is going to be taking 7 weeks (one day a week for 7 weeks) to serve at the refuge.  this is going to be exciting because for 5 of 7 weeks they are going to be serving at the “fuge”.  on the 6th week they are going to be doing outreach, and than on the 7th they are going to have a worship day where they are going to be inviting people from their church.  this is going to be awesome as it appears that many churches are being united around this building.  which if you remember the blog about the unity in this city is what is going to bring the transformation that we all know is coming.

that is just 3 groups of several others that will be making their way down to the refuge this coming summer.



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