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what does the future look like for the refuge

well, some how, we have made our way into may and we are still going.  this is amazing that the LORD has sustained us this long.  i believe that we will be moving in here rather soon.  once that happens, i believe that all the missionaries will move in and begin to see what happens at the next stage of this journey.  i am excited to see how the LORD has sustained many of the warriors to stay strong as they have remained flexible for the uncertainty of the refuge.

what i believe is going to coming out of the refuge once we begin living together.  the LORD is going to start showing us how to really engage in the area of disicpleship as well as continuing to bring the light down the street.  i also see that we will really be able to spread out and begin serving other blocks.  i am not sure why the LORD is really wanting us to restore these areas but some of the ideas that i have that i really would like to see happen if the LORD wills:

  1. we help wash and restain the fence of the taco bell and sonic burger.
  2. we help clean out the alley behind those 2 businesses
  3. we help wash windows in surrounding businesses
  4. we will continue with painting numerous area and focusing on streets like Classen.  I really want to impact this area as many people pull off the freeway.  I think by bettering this area, we will impact for the better the business.  This will help improve for more customers which will be able to hire more employees.

the reason why i shared about employment is because that is going to be the focus of discipleship.  as we deal with the numerous homeless/prostitutes employment is going to be the key to practical change.  I know that the real change comes through Christ Jesus, but once He takes hold, I know that work is the key to regaining a discipline that is much needed.  for you see, there are hundreds of people just sitting waisting away.  they are wandering about with nowhere to go.

i can’t wait to see what the LORD will do in this area of the city as it continues to prove a difficult ground.  discipleship is probably the most difficult thing a believer can do.  it is difficult because it take time and wisdom.

i will keep you posted as things continue to develop



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