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where is time going

man, i am feeling overwhelmed. this refuge thing downtown has been impacting many around the city including me. as it appears to be speaking to many about the restoration that the LORD is wanting to do in this city, it is speaking to me the challenges of faith, patience, perseverance, and hope. these are very difficult to have when things/timing isn’t what you think it should be. To be waiting on the LORD is truly strengthening.

the things that we are waiting for. as many of you know, we have been steadily busy restoring the building. this is taking so much longer than i would have ever expected. we are making huge leaps from where it was last june, but we are desiring to move in there. when i say we, there are about 20 missionaries awaiting to move in and begin doing life together as a community of believers with the sole purpose of making disciples.

here is what we are waiting for before we can move in: heating/air…once we get this resolved we will be extraordinarily close to moving. other things that would need to follow close behind would be the remaining doors, the carpet (which has already been made available to install as soon as the halls are finished), some trim, and a few other small things. this sounds really close, but it feels so far off.

things we accomplished this last few weeks: we painted the building as well as the building next to us. we have really knocked the halls way out with tons of mud and sanding (thanks to hundreds of volunteers who have been down there). also, we mowed several fields in the surrounding area and cleaned up two blocks which were filled with trash. we are still focusing on a small area but it seems like the LORD is really beginning to open up other areas for us to take ground.

we have been trying to connect with many of the businesses in the area trying to bless them. we are also working on shutting down the alley in the back of the building. from time to time we still see drug deals and prostitution still going on. it is amazing that that stuff happens during the middle of the day. it is so crazy.



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