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our area of focus in the city

the territory that we are focusing our efforts on

For a google visual:  click here for the aerial view

What we have done so far:

  1. Remodeling entire building (focusing primarily on the total exterior and interior upstairs
  2. This is our parking lot.  Yes, ours.  What do i mean by that.  Well, we have a month to month lease with the owner of this land.  He has been very gracious to us and we are fully blessed to have access to this land.  We continue to mow, edge, and pick up trash throughout the week.
  3. We painted the next door neighbors.  We changed it from a 1980’s orange to a 2008 Weimer Gray.
  4. We mowed their owner of this land a few times.  We have edged this area.  We have trimmed some trees
  5. This is the exit of the freeway.  We have edged and cleaned up this area.  It use to be overgrown.  Our desire is to where when you pull off of the freeway it feels different.  It feels clean and maintained.  This area was extraordinarily exciting for me because this was the furthest we had gotten away from the Refuge.
  6. This is a planter in which one day we are going to plant something in and raise the flag.  What do i mean by flag.  Well, there are 3 flag poles and it will feel like raise the flag of victory once we have restored this area.
  7. Our goal is powerwash their wood fence and restain it for them.  The reason is because we want to help them as they have been battling the homeless population.  We would ultimately love it if a few of the homeless people helped us clean their fence and join in this effort.
  8. The same as 7.  Taco Bell and Sonic Burger are neighbors
  9. This is our alley.  We are working with various persons within the city and leaders in the community to come up with a plan to close this alley that is still being used from drug deals and prostitution.  Our hopes is that one day soon this alley will be an outdoor patio area for those living in the refuge.
  10. This alley is going to take some work.  This thing is filled with trash including razor blades and much more.  This is going to take a tractor and a dump truck.  One day hopefully.
  11. We have been cleaning his windows on the outside area.  We are trying to really build a relationship with this owner.
  12. We have made contact with this owner and he is open to us coming to him with ideas of helping that area.
  13. That is the City Rescue Mission.  Many of our warriors are currently living over there until we get The Refuge Open.


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