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prayer at the refuge

We are nearing the final push for The Refuge. We are closer than ever in the completion of Phase 1 (restoration of the crack house into a light house). We are gathering together to pray for God’s continual direction and provision as He continues to guide us through this journey.

You are welcome to come. This prayer meeting starts at 6pm and will be done at 7pm, but will be a time where we just open it up for people to walk the hallways and pray throughout the upstairs. We will also be providing a list of prayer needs as well as amazing praise reports of the great things He has done.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 27th @ 6pm – 7pm

WHAT: Prayer for the Refuge

WHERE: 823 W. California Ave. Parking on the LOT next door

WHO: Anyone

We look forward to gathering all of those who have vested their time and energy into this work. If you are unable to meet with us in person but would like to commit to prayer here are the things that you could pray for:

  1. Favor with the heating and air situation. We are having to install new heat/air mini splits (25) in each room. Once these are in, it will be such a blessing for those of us who will be moving in. The cost of each unit is about $700. Pray for God’s provision in this area.
  2. Provision for the windows (these are not necessary to move in). We have been given a tremendous blessing by a local company to be able to purchase the windows at cost. Another significant factor is that someone is wanting to financial contribute to this area of the project. This contribution is going to be a tremendous jump start to the window project. Once we get windows into The Refuge, we will see a tremendous exterior upgrade, and the transformation will be even greater.
  3. Favor with the city inspectors. The city officials have been extraordinarily patient with us and have been very helpful in pointing out necessary things to make the building safe. We would like to continue working with the city and meet or exceed their expectations of a building that was once being destroyed during the days before the Refuge. Many people say that it is funny that the city is making you do things now that it isn’t a crack house and you are wanting to make a difference on the street. The way i see it is that they moved in at the right time and they have been a blessing to the success of the building.
  4. Favor with those community on the street. We have continued to see God pour out His Spirit on the people we have been building relationships with. Not only have people been getting saved, but lives are being restored, transformation is happening, and i am seeing tremendous strides in fruit with those who were once oppressed by drugs and alochol.
  5. Favor with the missionaries. many of them have been moving in the direction of refuge. they have moved out of their old places and are waiting for the refuge to open. please pray that God would grant them endurance and faith.
  6. Favor with the business. The Refuge desires to really see the businesses in the area blessed because we are there. Pray that God would open doors for us to bless them.
  7. Favor with the finances. I know with times tough it is difficult to ask for continual finances, but if there is one thing that i know, where God guides, He provides. We have seen Him guide us from day 1, and i have faith to believe the work that He has begun, He is faith to complete it.
  8. Favor with the final touches on the building. Things have come so far and we are so excited to see how far we have come.


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