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The battle is brewing…

a city is under siege…and the warriors are mounting.  

i know most of my terms sound very strange…often my language is in warrior/military terms.  Part of the reason is because we are seeing this battle that we are in and the actually how the same terms apply. Things like warriors, generals, sergeants, 101st Airborne.  So, if it sounds crazy, it sort of is, but it helps us describe to ourselves what is happening in this battle.

1.  The inner city is looking like a staging area.  The Refuge is playing a role of helping assist taking over the inner city.  The Refuge future is going to be an inner city training.  We are going to be filling the building up in the first phase with warriors (those who are pioneering on the front lines).  We see that now we have taken the center of the city, we are looking now beyond The Refuge.  It feels like once we took over the large crack house in downtown OKC, it opened the door for the warriors to fill the streets.  It feels like with a block party that we had in October 2007, it opened the door for the 101st Airborne to come in with a 1000 or so people throughout those two month before the Block Party.

2.  Other parts of the city.  The reason why we want to go into other parts of the city is to “attack” other parts much like what we did with the refuge.  Go in there, change the area physically and spiritually, and live our lives as the light.  This is what we are calling “the offense” or “going on the offense”.  The main reason is because we are trying to fight the temptation of comfort, and running towards the edge and take ground.  The other regions that we are seeing next are a couple of block northwest of the Refuge and Southwest of the Refuge.  But i have been having conversations lately with other groups who are tackling the task of infiltrating the Northeast and Southeast.  This is really good news as it seems that others are being raised up in this effort.

3.  Moving into those areas.  We are now being offered other apartments (smaller refuge’s).  This seems like an open door that the LORD is opening up and we will begin moving those who are in the refuge into those areas.  We plan this but we really are wanting to trust the LORD in this leading.  We believe that He will set that group apart much like He set Philip and alike apart for the work of the ministry.  This will be a neat stage to see the LORD take us in.  

We will keep you posted on this battle…




One thought on “The battle is brewing…

  1. It sounds interesting. But yer being very mysterious. (grin)

    Posted by jimmy paravane | June 5, 2008, 2:36 pm

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