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we are now in the book of Acts

for those of you who are tracking this journey of the Genesis to Revolution, we are now in the book of Acts.  Earlier this morning it was reported that we were in the book of Matthew which means now that we have entered into the the New Testament we are flying.  It took us 60 hours to get through the entire Old Testament and we are estimating that it will take 24 hours to get through the New Testament.  

Since we began reading, it has really opened up much discussion with many of the homeless people and other people.  it has been so great to hear their responses to what is happening in their lives.  There are some who listen while sitting on the streets.  Some will join us and listen for hours.  Most of the people who come and listen are saying things like, “Wow, such a simple idea, but with such a powerful impact”.  It is so neat to see people sitting there.  It is wonderful to see just how powerful the Word is as it just is read aloud.  

I believe with all of my heart, that the Word alone is powerful enough to change a city.  What would be amazing is if we in this city of ours all were passionate about living it out full-heartily.  My prayer for me is that I would really live this life out to the full glory of the Father.  





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