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story from the Genesis to Revolution

Here is a story from a woman name Crystal:

Let the revolution begin!

I went downtown around 1:30 am last night for the end of the reading of the Word over our city. When I arrived the book of revelation was being read. I joined in and read a few chapters, along with some others, and we finished the Book around 2:30am. We had an amazing time of worshipping the Lord in the parking lot.

We played a song I’m not familiar with, but was a huge heart cry for our city. “greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city!” declaring that the LORD was God of our city, and we believe in Him to transform it.

As the worship music began, I had closed my eyes to pray, and unknowingly had turned myself around 180… when I opened my eyes, I saw the night skyline of downtown OKC, and it was the most beautiful I had ever seen it.

I have never loved living in Oklahoma city, merely tolerated it… but last night, the LORD humbled my heart and filled it with great compassion toward a city of HIS people!!

The Lord gave me 2 pictures as I stood in awe of the cityscape:

1) I saw very clearly the crumbling of the murrah building, and dust filled the sky and spread out very far, causing it to be hard to see. (I saw this as if it were in real time, at night and not the images in my mind from the news…)

2) When the dust cleared, the earth shook, and I saw several NEW buildings rise up out of the ashes and stand taller than any of the buildings that were already there. Then ALL of the buildings downtown were like a beacon of light, the light shone Up into the sky , then spread out very far, visible for miles upon miles.

3) The thought came to my mind “THIS IS MY CHURCH” as if the City was the Church, and the Church was the City… because all the people believed, and it was a beacon to the nations.

I was thinking and praying through this this morning, and I believe that the first image was the past of OKC… destruction and purging. The second was the future of OKC… what the LORD is doing through His Church in the city.

I was thinking about how long it had been since the actual OKC bombing, since I had seen it so vividly representing the past of OKC… it has been 13 years.

13 is the year of REVOLUTION!!! … (14 is the year of re-creation!)

I believe the LORD is preparing our city to be re-created for His Glory(that process has already begun, just LOOK at what is happening even physically down town! – new buildings, new homes, new everything! As well as the light that is overthrowing the darkness in parts of our city… take a walk down California Avenue and you’ll see).

I am constantly honored and humbled to be playing a part in God’s Kingdom.
His mercies are everlasting!

I am amazed. (It blows my mind!)



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