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we are still moving forward

here is what has happened in the recent:

several different mission teams came out from various parts of the nation:

  • Yucaipa, CA:  Wildwood Calvary Chapel
  • Harrah, OK:  Harrah Church
  • Nashville Tn:  church unknown, but amazing amazing group of high schoolers
  • Oklahoma City, OK:  Cherokee Hills Baptist Church

what does this mean:

  • we got a ton done including the doors are up, the walls are almost done painted, the walls were textured, trim was put up
  • we mowed lawns
  • picked up tons of trash
  • met tons of people

the area is being transformed:

  • homeless people are starting to help a lot more
  • we have built some wood stages on the field…i am wondering what the LORD is preparing us for on the land…it is going to be awesome

High Schoolers being ministered too:

  • i was able to speak at a retreat in encinitas, ca for a high school retreat…there the LORD did amazing things and continued to show me that He is really desiring to use this generation of young people to revolutionize the world for His Kingdom.
  • i did a video interview for a youth group that reaches about 5000 youth around the nation.  there the refuge was once again a tool to share about the redemption the LORD wants to do in this city and our nation.  it was great sharing about the great things the LORD is doing as we continue to live out the light of Jesus onto the world.


  • we are updating the electrical on the building so we can be up to code on the heat/air situation.  this is an expensive venture, but the LORD continues to provide for us
  • we are next going to be working on the following things:  installation of the heats, fixing the gas lines, putting in sprinklers downstairs so that we can asssemble downstairs in groups larger than 50 people.

thank you for all of your prayer.  the LORD is so faithful and it is so fun serving him in this city.



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