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block party a success

man, i was just soooo blown away…so much of me cannot stand event like the block party when they are just focused on giving stuff away and enabling people to stay in their homeless stuper…one of the scriptures that i have been wrestling with is the imfamous prodigal son parable.  Considering the condition the prodigal son was in was when he started to consider home and the blessing it was to be in the father’s house.  i wonder how many prodigals are out there that are kept from reflecting back to the times they walked and talked and hung with the Father, and their condtion of emptiness and living for self has brought them to need for change.  but along comes a good and well intentioned individual who has a desire to feed the prodigal, when actually, the prodigal needed discipleship.

The church has one commission…to go make disciples.  The problem with “programs” or feeding organizations, or anything else is that there is very very little discipleship.  The word disicpleship has come down to two things for us at the refuge…those two things are accountablility and community.

ok, well i don’t want to get started, and i need to focus back on the block party and how it was successful…main reason why it was a homerun…it was based upon relationships, not about enabling…it was a way of inviting the homeless people to engage instead of enable.  Yes, we fed, but we brought them in close into small groups and had them talk with one another.  Typically, when you feed the homeless community, they get their food and flee and/or go eat by themselves.  Yes, we gave away socks, but we washed their feet too.  Yes we gave them photos after a hair cut, but we also had phones available for them to call home…and like Jesus, who would tell someone after He had ministered to them, He would say, now go home and tell your family what you have done.

Future ideas for the years to come…smaller but spread out block partys…our ultimate goal is to see community developed within communities around the city.  the reason for this is to develop a sense of neighborhoods and community within each other.  where neighbors know neighbor and serve each other.  We are really fighting for two things…to love God and to love our neighbor.

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