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last saturday

well, two groups came down to be apart of the work downtown. it was a high school group from church of the servant and a college group from Southern Nazarene University. It went really great. The high school group spent the morning picking up trash, cleaning up the alley, and we swept for the first time a knew corner. The best part of the sweeping of that corner was that we have almost made it around an entire block. But the radical thing about the sweeping and the cleaning was that the entire day, there was no homeless people on that corner, except a brand new guy…this guy was awesome though…i started about 3 hours after we had cleaned the street and this guy was sitting down on the ground chugging his beer. The cool thing was when he saw me coming with my bucket and trash picker-upper, the threw the can, his beer went all over the side walk that we had just cleaned…when i saw this, i was sooo stoked…his anger towards the light was apparent and it gave me so much motivation…the thing that i would want to mention was that i never had seen this guy, i was on the other end of the block, so it wasn’t like i was coming right next to him and making it look like i wanted him to leave. you see, it isn’t that i want the guy to leave or that i don’t love him. Quite the opposite actually. The thing that i know about our role right now is still the same which is one of my newest slogans that i share with people about the homeless population: idleness creates idols and idols creates idleness. This is what motivates us to share with them or model to them the liberating element of being active, either in work or serving.

The college group from SNU did a knock out job organizing the bottom part of the refuge. we went though all the items that have been donated and brought to order what many people have given to us.

thank you guys for coming and being an instrumental part of this work as we continue establishing our base downtown.

Again, to share with you what we are trying to do…

1. Be the light and expose darkness

2. Model the life of Christ to lives who have been enveloped by the life of selfishness. Knowing that Christ came to deny self, we want to model what a life is like that is a living sacrifice.

3. Share love with homeless, prostitutes, gang members, drug dealers, pimps, etc. by serving them…not with stuff, but by relationships. We would say that discipleship comes from relationships, and those relationships will be fostered when we do community and accountability well. And we can only do these two things well through Christ Jesus



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