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The Rythm of the Refuge

As we continue to live out the light of the world on these streets, we are going to live out the following rhythm: Up, In, and Out.

Up: To worship and glorify the Father. To sit before Him in His throne room and revel in who He is and what He wants to do through His sons and daughters.

In: We want to develop character within each other as a community and within our own lives. This will be fully matured as we live out life together in strong community. Living life together, sharing things, not clinging to things of this earth, and let go of things that ensnare us, whether those are material or spiritual things.

Out: We want to be out among the world looking for diving appointments or persons of peace where God has just orchestrated a time and place for us to point people to Him as we love on our neighbor.

We see this rhythm lived out through Christ as He would often spend time with the Father, either alone, or with His disicples, we also see how he would spend time with His disciples teaching them and walking with them and sharing all things. This is where the disciples learned things like faith, hope, and love. We also see how Jesus would take His disciples into the battle and release them to live out the power of God. This is where their faith was tested and grew as they would see the signs and wonders of God. They would see these things and it would simply drive them to go back to the Father and worship Him and testify of His goodness. And as they celebrated in His goodness, they would than be driven to live life with those who they had in common and develop a closer walk with the LORD. As they grew closer with the LORD, their faith would grow to simply produce more fruit for others to taste of. This is the rhythm of the refuge. I can’t wait to see it unfold.



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