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sometimes we are called to fly

there have been some things that i have learned on this journey in starting a work…so often people make great suggestions to read a book that looks a lot like the work that we started, or to go see a work that is similiar to the refuge.  i know that it is wise suggestions and i know that i can learn a lot, but at times i don’t want to be influenced with things that God has shared with other people…and at times, i wrestle with that because it could so easily be pride that i am dealing with and thinking that i want to do things simply my way…the other way though is that i don’t want to fill anything in my mind, heart, soul, or strength that is not for us and the work that God is doing through us…and of course, when i reject someones idea to go see a work i get the infamous line, “well, you don’t want to recreate the wheel”.  and as i was thinking about that line, i was thinking that may be it isn’t that He is asking me to recreate the wheel, but He wants to teach us how to fly.  so often we are so quick to recreate things of God, when in actualality, it could be that He is wanting to start a fresh work that doesn’t look like everyone else.  this style though is very difficult and it comes with it challenges.  first off, pride cannot be in the midst of anything you do.  For God gives grace to the humble and resists the proud.  So if it is going to be a work of God, it is going to be through humble hearts, ridded of the flesh.  second, it requires deep walk where you have learned trust…in essence, you are walking through the vision that you are given, but you are walking in daily trust and listen to that still small voice.  in His Word, God gives us everything…that would be the first and last book that i would glean from in things from God.

but i assure you, it is refreshing to read, see, hear, new works, and to wrap your heart around the things that God did through humble people who walked by His Spirit.  So enjoy the journey of seeking first the Kingdom of God, knowing that all these other things will come to pass.



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