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a work day: sunday november 16

we, at The Refuge, are going to be joining up with those on the Bridge to Life program at the City Rescue Mission to clean up the city.  We are going to be working with the Memorial Rd. Church of Christ who will be bringing the food to share with those who work.  This is going to be awesome because we have been wanting to bring in a way of breaking bread with people but also wanting them to be apart of working/serving their community.

The have seen with the various feedings that go on in our neighborhood that the many people who come down are actually working against us in our efforts.  We are truly trying to see what it would look like to help get these people out of their lifestyle.  As I have mentioned before, we have seen that homeless in many respects is a huge bioproduct of a lifestyle of self.  And this selfishness has engulfed their life.  That is why we are trying to work from selfishness to selflessness.  We see Jesus as this perfect model of one who came to serve others.  And of course, the ultimate sacrifice of self was laying His life down for us.  We, as believers, are trying to seek ways of helping the homeless.  Here is our game plan up to this point.

  • Serve often (most likely in a daily formate of some sort)
  • We pick up trash daily.  As we have tried to pick apart why we have focused so much attention on trash these are the reasons we have come up with so far:
  1. It is the ultimate way for us to die to ourselves.  We don’t necessarily enjoy picking up trash, but in doing so, we are decreasing so He may increase.
  2. It is bring back to order or a way of restoring or redeeming back the streets.  The LORD comes to clean and restore what the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
  3. It is a way to serve with a selfless disposition.  Often, the religious element of coming down for a few minutes to get a good job or a “i feel good now” mindset seems to not be long lasting.  Now, we are amazed on how many people want to come down and be apart, but they are usually focused on the things that the homeless people say that want, but they actually don’t really need it.  What the homeless people need is discipleship:  Christ-authored accountability and Christ-centered community.
  4. It is a way to have a physical and a spiritual purpose to walking the streets and mingling with those who would normally wouldn’t notice you.  But some random dude who is picking up trash on a regular basis allows you to build credibility and long lasting relationships with them.  As long as you pick up trash praying and with a heart of gladness, you will mess the homeless up in a good way.  It is a good way to heap coals on them because it kills them to see order because they look for areas of disorder.

those are just some of the reasons why almost any given day, someone from the refuge will be picking up trash.



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