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prayer request for my friends in Germany

here is an email i got for prayer…my heart goes out to them as i know all this too well with the refuge…praise the LORD that the city has given us grace…

below is the email that i got and thought i would share this with you…

Please be praying

Hello saints of God,

I’m calling out to you who have access to the living God and to plead our case before Him. I’ll give you a little up-date on our situation. We have been out of our building since May this year and have had to rent another place as well as pay our own mortgage on our place. All this was due to the fact that the Fire Marshall wanted us to do a lot of work on our building, putting in new fire doors that we had already put in but now they had raised our building code to a higher code thus changing our doors from a 30 minute fire doors to 45 min. doors, plus they made us in stall emergency exit doors which ended costing us 70 thousand euro’s.

It took some time to come up with the money but the Lord provide and we saved money by doing some work ourselves…so the big day came for the Fire Marshall’s inspection, but it wasn’t the same fire Marshall but a new one…which we heard he was a tough guy! But the inspection seemed to go good when they were there…then we got a phone call the next day and he changed his mind and wants us to put in a smoke detector system.

We asked about the law which states we could use the building if its under certain square feet being used without a smoke detector but he said no and said he might want other things done as well. Now the first fire Marshall is gone in whom we did everything accordingly, but now we got this new guy that is causing in our region lots of problems to all…we are not the only church that got shut down! And the main point is we don’t know if he is going to keep asking for more and more things which are very costly?

So our only hope is to pray that the Lord changes his heart or that the Lord removes him from his position as many Architects around are completely frustrated…as he says one thing then changes his mind when you finish his request.

I ask that you pray for wisdom for our Board as we meet on Friday night for an emergency meeting, and for the church on Sunday when we announce that we are not going back into our building.

We need help from the Lord…money is not even the issue any longer it is this guy who will keep adding who knows what? But all I know is that when God’s people pray things happen! So please call upon the Lord for our situation.



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