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God answered another miracle: About a year ago, many of you know that we started praying for our needs here in the building regarding the carpet, roof, windows, doors, etc…

Here is a summary of the roof journey…
About six months ago, a roofer was on the roof and said, “oh, you have some hail damage and this could maybe be an insurance thing…” we had already had two roofers before and one had estimated that they couldn’t start anything for under a $100k…
So, a couple of weeks/months go by and long story short, the insurance company says yes: there is hail damage and we will need to fix it. And the insurance guy was saying that we will need a new roof.
Well, about 2 weeks ago, the insurance company sent us money that was insufficient for our needs. One roofer actually estimated that it was three times the cost of what we received.
This past Wednesday, God has done another miracle in this place. A representative from a roofing company and I spoke about ways to help with the roof. He had known about us for the past year. Being kingdom focused and wanting to love neighbor, he mentioned his support for what we are all about down here.

He informed us that we were short cost-wise and asked if we had a non-profit status. Because we are not trying to build an organization, I shared my heart with him yet having in the back of my mind that this would not help them out anyway financially. (In fact they would be doing us a huge favor). Upon sharing that information, he mentions that what I said to him would be even more confirmation about why his company should be getting involved. He hangs up only to call back two minutes later to commit to the roofing project in the exact amount of the insurance payment. crazy crazy crazy…I have seen God work miracles, but this one is huge…

Thank you for prayers and believing that the God who wants to see His kingdom come down here on earth is moving mightily over this place and whatever we ask in His name, he will give it to us…let us be reminded to press in with prayer…more prayer than talk about prayer…
blessings my friends, family, and warriors…


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