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Spring Break week

This week brought in a lot of people from different groups and even outside of OKC. It was exciting to have many different youth groups come out!

Here’s a breakdown of all the people represented– each time, there are people who are astonished by all the groups coming out.

  • Sun./Mon.New Covenant Christian Church (overnight 1 night)….worked on sidewalk, brought a ton of stuff up stairs and downstairs, painted a nearby business…picked up trash
  • Mon. – Wed.Young Life (overnight 2 nights)….drywalled Tim and Leanne’s room, hallway, mudded…picked up trash, worked in the garden, painted trim on true light building
  • Mon. – Thurs….Edmond First student ministries (10-3pm)….took stuff off shelves downstairs, scraped walls, picked up trash, worked on sidewalk, swept glass in alley and on Shartel, cleaned and organized downstairs
  • Mon. – Tues.(10-3pm)….Britton Road Church of Christ….uncovered entire sidewalk on Fred Jones between California Ave and the alley behind the refuge
  • Tues. – Wed. (1/2 day Wed.)….Forest Hill Christian Church…Super Freaky hard workers….Moved all the shelves to the back, created a makeshift wall around bike shop with various items….completely organized shelves, labeled everything, took everything out of the downstairs into the alley (except large items)….swept entire floor…..moved everything back in organizing it as it’s brought in, organized entire back of building, sanded and painted all 8 stages, picked up trash under the bridge, painted the 3 from doors, cut down the mound of weeds and debris in the field next to the church on Shartel/California, organized the tool closets upstairs…these guys were freaks! Amazing leaders.

It was a great week.  We are thankful for all the youth and leaders who came out to serve what God is doing here.  Amazing stuff!

with NCCC Sunday evening

painting finished!finished

For more pictures, view this facebook gallery

Here is NCCC’s album from their experience.

More photos in our group section.



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