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outsourcing our life

in the name of being able to do more we have now seen the fruit of outsourcing our life…

here are some examples:

lawn care: we pay people to mow our lawns where neighbors use to work in their yard together…small talk would happen, neighbors would know each other…now we don’t dare step out in our yards in fear that our neighbor might see us

playing catch in the front yard: we use to play with our kids in the front yard. now, we pay coaches to play with our kids. dad’s use to teach kids how to hit, now we have hitting coaches. mom’s use to play kickball, and now they are dropping their kids off a the soccer field, and we call them soccer mom’s.

walking to school: now we have bus drivers that drop off kids in the neighborhood…that way they don’t have to walk to far and risk the dangers of kidnapping.

the only day everyone in a neighborhood could risk seeing everyone around the same time is around 5:30pm the day we have trash day. The reason why is because we have these hug cans filled with the weeks trash of stuff we bought and consumed and everyone walks their trash can, does the neighborly wave, and goes back into their boxes to simply fill the trash cans up once again.

the irony of it is that i am longing to help start a lawn care company so i can help get my neighbors to work, and i want to start urban ball teams so that our fatherless generation can have some sort of father figure in their life teaching them to hit a ball or kick a ball…not so that they can score a run or a goal, but so that relationship can be introduced.

these are the stories of the journey of trying to reneighbor neighborhoods…



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