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why the kingdom can feel unproductive

for the last couple of years, one of our neighbors Cory, has gone from distant and isolated to within a relationship with many of us here at the refuge and working. priase the LORD…a man who was homeless for 14 years now has a smile on his face that he has a job…and is living in a home…thank you Jesus, one more prodigal home…now teach us how to love on Him even more so now that our neighbor cory is headed home…the place where it feels unproductive is that it took about 35 of us who lived next door being super intentional by being unintentionally in relationship with him. ..and then you add a couple of hundred people who would continue to know him or know of him…so in other words, lots of time and lots of people to find one…it sounds a lot like Jesus who left the 99 and went after the one. thank you jesus for coming after me…now lead me to go do the same.



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