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Hey Email Subscribers

ok…i haven’t been posting anything for probably months or even years…i am thinking of starting up again since recently people have been subscribing to this thing for some reason…

updates on where we stand as of date:

  • about 40 of us (32 adults/8 kids) live here in the refuge together
  • we are praying about expanding into our first neighborhood (this neighborhood is about 6 – 8 blocks away (many of you have been there with us as we have been focused on that neighborhood for about 2 years now).  what i mean by expand into the neighborhood is to move some of us who have been doing life together as a missional group of believers actually move down into that neighborhood.  we have seen God open doors there and we are excited to see what He leads us through. so please be in prayer and supplication for this neighborhood
  • we are seeing God open doors with the local businesses in the area.
  • we have watched OKC go through a restoration of streets of recent.  along with that is a new skyscraper lighting up downtown and a new urban park/garden area
  • we saw about 500 people or so come through our doors throughout the month of march for a spring break like urban missions. click here for some of the photos.  people came from oklahoma city, oklahoma, and out of the state like colorado, new mexico, kansas,
  • this summer we will be planning through the possibility of interns (a cheezy word for people who just want to join life with us during their summer break)  living with us.
  • we are preping to see groups from all over the US join us in the work for the urban part of city transformation
  • we are expanding our scope of focus into urban gardening and farming.  we will be putting in an aquaponics system downstairs in order to grow food and fish (ok, i know that fish is food, but that sounds cool).
ok…this is a short summary, so i will try to jot more down more often…thx for reading and listening to what Jesus is doing through His Church in OKC and beyond


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