Missional Connecting

For several years now, we have been hosting groups in connecting them to to the “missional” call in the inner city.  There are so many people who have been stirred up to “do something.”  To help direct people with that passion, we have been hosting various gatherings throughout the year where people can come and connect.

If you are a looking for ways to engage here at The Refuge OKC, here is what we typically say:

  • Saturday’s: Saturdays have become ideal days for those who want to get their hands dirty and their feet wet in the area of urban “stuff”. If you would like to come and be apart, we would be glad to host you, your group, or a small army.  Typical “stuff” we might do is work on the urban farm, clean up/restore the streets of Oklahoma City, paint a house, work in yards, or just whatever we see is needed to help restore neighborhoods downtown Oklahoma City. We go from about 9am till about noon.  For better planning, please email us by filling out the “missional connecting form”.
  • Summer:  During the summer months, we host different groups (youth, college, adults, or whoever for that matter, for missional opportunities.  These are often handcrafted for whatever your vision is in connecting others to works in the inner city.  During this time, we have the ability to handle all of the lodging, food, and missional supplies/projects. Groups will typically stay from two days to 10 days and anything in between.  We can work within your schedule or we can help you create one.

Our vision and values behind Missional Connecting

First off, we are not your “typical” inner city ministry.  Our vision is to see Oklahoma City, and our nation for that matter, transformed.  What we don’t want to be is a place for people (sometimes we refer to them as suburbanites), come down and pass out free food and free clothing, and drive away. What we don’t want to be is a place for those people to come and just feel good about doing some sort of volunteering for the poor people who live in the inner city. We we want to see is people (suburbanites and urbanites and ruralites) begin to love each other well. So, our misisonal DNA is to help restore the streets physically, to see doors open up relationally within our neighborhoods, and trust that Jesus is going to do something supernaturally spiritually.




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