Missional Living

The Refuge is a place where we invite people to come be the Church downtown Oklahoma City.  Our Missional Living DNA is to do life together on mission. We are doing that by inviting people into a way of life to that of like a family. We all go to work, we play, we eat, we do life.  As The Refuge community, we desire to establish a discipleship culture.  The best way we know how to explain that is something like an accountable community steadfast in power and authority.  We are not just wanting to be “in community”, but accountable community. And not just accountable community, but a community of people who are sent out with power and authority to see lives, neighborhoods, cities, and nations transformed.

What is Missional Living

The Refuge community is focused on “bringing neighbor back to the hood”.  We long to see neighborhoods changed because we are overwhelmed with the call to go make disciples, love neighbors, and see things restored.  To change this city, we want to see the home back in order.  To do this, we want to living incarnationally within neighborhoods and begin to love the neighbors, and then find ways to bring the kingdom near to them.

If you want to be apart of missional living, reneighboring the hood, being apart of a family, living life intentionally and incarnationally, establishing a discipleship culture, and you have a burden for Oklahoma City, then we would love to find a way to connect with you. We could either point you in a direction that can get you started, possibly introduce you to others who are doing the same things in our city, or possibly opportunities could open up for you to join our community and be apart of the missional living.


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